Workshop 4 - GPR-The Basics

GPR has advanced greatly over the past 50 years and our understanding is so much better.  The fundamental underpinning physics is often under-appreciated and the development of advanced survey methods critically depends on users having this basic knowledge.  This short course is focused on providing new and intermediate users of GPR with understanding of the key principles.
The main topics areas are:
Review of the basic GPR concepts
Mathematical formulism of the physical concepts
Electromagnetic wave propagation in lossy media
Instrumentation and data acquisition
Survey methodology
Essential data processing steps
The intent is ensure that those attending will be able to avoid some of the more common pitfalls in use of GPR and be ready to delve into advanced topics such as numerical simulation and advance interpretation methods. No extensive prior knowledge is needed but awareness of material physical properties and electromagnetic waves always helps.

Short CV of Peter Annan:
Peter has an engineering science background with a Ph.D. in geophysics. His scientific interests focus primarily on applied electromagnetics (EM). During his career he has worked with various entities including the Geological Survey of Canada, Barringer Research, Golder Associates, and Geoterrex.
Peter has founded and developed geophysics-based companies engaged in product design, development, commercialization, and manufacture, as well as service delivery. He is recognized worldwide for his pioneering development work on ground penetrating radar and airborne EM; he has authored numerous scientific publications, patents and technical reports, and has served on professional, scientific and business committees and boards. 
Peter is currently CEO of Sensors & Software Inc.

GPR 2018

June 18-21, 2018

Rapperswil, Switzerland


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