Workshop 3 - Stratigraphic imaging of geomorphic, geologic and geoarchaeological landscapes



Our goal in the workshop is to demonstrate how ground penetrating radar (GPR) can aid in better understanding various geologic, geomorphic, sedimentary, and geoarchaeological settings.  This interactive session will draw from over 25+ years of GPR imaging experience in these environments. The hands-on session will provide a basic overview of GPR theory and then move on to data collection procedures (2D & 3D) and processing flow that highlight earth science applications.  We will then discuss the principles that lead to the concepts of radar stratigraphy.  Workshop attendees will be able to develop an understanding of these concepts through in class exercises collated from a variety environments.  At the end of this workshop we will pull the workshop principles together so participants can apply these concepts to their own field projects.

Short CV of Harry M. Jol:

Harry has a broad background in the earth sciences, particularly geomorphology, stratigraphy, and geoarchaeology. He earned a doctorate in the application of the GPR to coastal environments and is currently a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  His collaborative team-based research projects often include undergraduate students and have taken him to over 1200+ sites worldwide resulting in numerous conference presentations and publications.  He has co-edited 3 GPR volumes - Ground Penetrating Radar in Sediments, Stratigraphic Analysis using GPR, and Ground Penetrating Radar: Theory and Applications.

GPR 2018

June 18-21, 2018

Rapperswil, Switzerland


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