Workshop 2 - Full waveform inversion of GPR data

In this workshop we will offer an introduction to full waveform inversion techniques applied to GPR data. In the first part of the course we will review the theoretical background, including numerical forward modelling, inverse algorithms and regularization techniques. We will then discuss requirements for suitable experimental layouts. By means of several case studies we will discuss in the second part of the course the exciting possibilities offered by full waveform inversions, but we will also highlight limitations and potential pitfalls. This workshop is geared towards potential users of this technique, that is, no expert knowledge is required to attend.

Short CV of Hansruedi Maurer:
Hansruedi Maurer is professor for exploration and engineering geophysics at ETH Zürich, Switzerland. His research interests span from algorithmic developments for geophysical tomography to innovative field studies concerned with natural hazards, storage of dangerous waste, geothermal energy, archaeology, major building projects, cryosphere research and several other areas, where geophysical techniques provide useful information. A key aspect of his research is the tight coupling of latest developments in numerical modelling and inversion theory with solution of problems that arise in field applications of magnetic, geoelectric, inductive electromagnetic, ground-penetrating-radar and seismic methods. Moreover, he is one of the leading scientists in geophysical experimental design.

Short CV of Joseph Doetsch:
Joseph Doetsch is a senior researcher in the Exploration and Engineering Geophysics (EEG) group at ETH Zürich and member of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research – Supply of Electricity (SCCER-SoE). Previously, he worked at Aarhus University, Denmark and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (LBNL), Berkeley, USA, on inverse techniques to combine different geophysical and hydrological data for monitoring of shallow and deep CO2 injections. His main field of research is joint inversion of geophysical data and characterization of fractured rock for geothermal energy exploration.

GPR 2018

June 18-21, 2018

Rapperswil, Switzerland


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