Workshop 1 - Velocity models, simulation and migration

Within this workshop we use FDTD simulations based on realistic complex media including strong topography and statistical fluctuations of the physical parameters in order to analyze the effectiveness of migration and velocity/stacking techniques.
One key aspect concerns the influence of a strong topography on the migration result. Within a second part we concentrate on the simulation of multioffset data for a subsequent velocity and stacking analysis. The third volume treats the simulation of reflection data within boreholes (crosshole and multioffset VSP) which form the base for a study of the efficiency of a prestack migration in combination with a tomographic inversion of the first arrival traveltimes.
The workshop gives deep insights into the wave propagation within complex media and the resulting impacts on the processing. No special knowledge is needed because the wave phenomena will be presented in a very clear way.

Short CV of Karl-Josef Sandmeier:
Karl-Josef Sandmeier is the author of the REFLEXW software package. He works as an independent researcher, mainly within the field of near surface geophysical data processing (ground penetrating radar and seismic methods).  His main interests are Finite Difference and other forms of numerical simulations of the electromagnetic and seismic wave propagation, data processing and migration. Previously he worked at the University of Karlsruhe within the near surface geophysical group.

GPR 2018

June 18-21, 2018

Rapperswil, Switzerland


Technical Co-Sponsor